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Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Executive coaching and mentoring is a process where a McQuillan Group professional works directly with an organization’s leaders or managers to aid them to gain greater self-awareness, to clarify their individual goals and to achieve their development objectives. We strive to aid our clients in achieving their maximum potential. We assume a sounding board role and provide alternative perspectives to broaden our client’s perspectives. We are not physiologist and we limit our engagement to our client’s professional development, not their mental health. We often assume the role of a personal project manager overseeing and aiding our client in managing the projects they are responsible for. Our coaching engagements are structured to meet our client’s goals but have a strong component on the organization in which they work. Our mentoring engagements are more informal and usually more focused on the client’s career growth and personal development and not their involvement in the organization’s effectiveness to the degree of a coaching engagement.

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